Before Atlantis disappeared beneath the waves it was a thriving city populated by the descendants of Poseidon. To protect his children the Greek God of the Sea gave them a conch shell from his necklace. According to legend whoever held the conch could summon the power of Poseidon to do their bidding. With their island nation gone the remaining survivors went underground as they worked to build their nation back to the power it once was.

A secret society wants what was once their property and they’re willing to kill for it. Their top assassin is sent to steal the Conch of Poseidon from the Museum of Natural History in New York. With two dead security guards left in her wake the Raven leads her pursuers through the streets of New York. As he is forced to face demons from his past police detective Floyd Reese is forced to deal with his own demons as he’s forced to work with a rookie FBI agent to solve the case.

While he struggles to find a common ground with his new partner it quickly becomes apparent that there’s more to the case than the F.B.I. let on. The race to find the legendary artifact from Atlantis becomes a race to save the world from a madman. With forces beyond their imagining controlling the outcome one question is asked:

Can the powers of an ancient Greek God influence the modern world? Find out in the Call of Poseidon.


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