The Characters

Floyd Reese– A cantankerous police detective summoned from his retirement to find the missing Conch of Poseidon, Reese is forced to face his demons in the form of his wife and daughter’s death ten years earlier.

Alicia Hawkins– A FBI agent, Alicia is given her first assignment to help Detective Reese locate the Conch of Poseidon. A by the book type, she buts heads with Reese from the beginning.

Seth Stroud– One of the oldest members if the Illuminati’s Imperials, a shrewd diplomat he wishes for nothing but to keep the fractured Illuminati together.

Wesley Magnus– Stroud’s best friend and half his age, Magnus leads an aggressive faction of the Illuminati wishing to take control of the world and resume their rightful place as rulers.

Raven– An Illunimati assasin who derives her name from her raven black hair. Sent to steal the Conch of Poseidon and return it to her people she’s capable of manipulating every situation to her benefit.

Maynard Woodward– Former Grand Magistrate of the Illuminati, he gave the Conch of Poseidon and other artifacts to the Museum of Natural History in New York wishing to share the knowledge and power of the descendants of Atlantis with the world. His actions led to Call of Poseidon.


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