This is some of the feedback I’ve gotten for Call of Poseidon via email, instant message, and Thank you to everyone that took the time to tell me how you felt. It’s greatly appreciated.


“This was a very interesting story to read. It’s not easy to show the culprit and motives early in the story, and still manage to surprise the reader later on.Call of Poseidon is written in a style similar to Dan Brown. If you’re a fan of ancient conspiracies mixed in with crime dramas, this is for you.” Kay Proctor


“A compelling story in which the fantastic and the mistery get together. Its unexpected outcome was the perfect ending, one of the few times when the hero does not keep the girl. Kudos to CP Bialois for a dynamic and entertaining narrative.” Narda McCarthy


“Finished ur book yesterday, didnt put it down for 2 days. i thought it was great, very well written and the detail was awesome, i could see it all like a movie in my head. reminded me alot of one of my favorite authors, Clive Cussler, love his books. good job Ed, i would def like to read anything else u write!”

“Awesome book!! You wont be able to put it down…….and if u do put it down i will find you!!! lol” Jason Fajna


“Well, with the holidays, it took me longer than it should have but, I finished your book and it was well worth it in th end. I think the story was great and I look forward t the next one. My 16 year old daughter is reading it for a project at school and she is also enjoying it.” Todd Adam


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